We offer courses in Baking and Cake, Cake decorating and 

Sugar Art Classes.

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4 Day hands on on course teaching students how to make 6 different 
pastries from scratch.  And then how to use them to make many different
Savoury and sweet pastries that is suitable for serving at events or
to stock up a pastry section in your bakery.
Join this course and start your career as a pastry chef.  We will teach you
the theory behind laminating, ideal temperatures for pastry making, butter clarity and use in pastry, correct oven temperatures for pastry baking and
lots more.
This accredited and certified course will benefit any student that is starting a new career as a pastry chef or baker.

Course fee:  R4500.00.   That includes all ingredients used in the course.
Duration :     4 Days.
              Bread Baking Course 
  Our 3 day Beginners Bread baking course
    is ideal for students who would like to add
    an additional skill to their baking experience.
    Or to start a new career as a bread baker.
    This hands on class will teach you the 
    fundamentals of baking rolls and breads.
    It is a hands on class and you will learn how     
    bake the following from scratch.
             White bread,  Brown bread,  Seed rolls, 
              Whole wheat rolls, Portuguese rolls
            Artisan Farm bread, Olive platted bread, 
                             Wholewheat Bread
 Course fee: R2 900.00 and that includes all ingredients used.
 Take all your baked breads and rolls home daily.